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Our mission is to mobilise positive action towards net-zero. We do this by providing carbon market participants with carbon credit pricing, valuation and project information they need.
Viridos AI is focused on providing best-in-class technology to facilitate carbon market transparency. We have developed a robust carbon credit valuation methodology and supporting tools market participants expect from this emerging commodity market.


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Our Co-Founders


Marcelo Labre

Chief Executive Officer

Marcelo has over 18 years financial markets experience across multiple asset classes. As a pioneer in the carbon markets, he has worked on some of the most innovative structured carbon transactions in the markets to date. Marcelo is also a subject matter expert and thought leader on applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in finance. An engineer by training, he has a Masters in Finance from London Business School and PhD in Mathematical Finance from Imperial College London.


Bertrand Le Nézet

Chief Market Intelligence Officer

Bertrand has 15 years experience in financial markets, within major financial institutions in Europe and Asia, and as an independent portfolio manager. His expertise is anchored in a unique cross-section of quantitative finance and technology, for the fixed income, commodities, equities, and natural capital asset classes. He has a masters degree in Computer Science and a Certificate of Quantitative Finance (CQF).


Jon Vannelli

Chief Operating Officer

Jon has 15+ years of experience as a Finance and Risk Management executive within the financial services industry. He has extensive strategic, operational experience in establishing and maintaining global business processes while serving as COO in various capacities throughout his career. He holds a BS in Finance from Fairfield University.

Michelle Cameron

Chief Commercial Officer

Michelle has over 20 years experience in the Financial markets industry and is a seasoned leader of teams specialising in Sales, Account Management, Customer Success and Service functions. Most recently Michelle headed up the Sustainable Finance and Investment sales efforts across Asia Pacific for the London Stock Exchange Group, responsible for Data and Analytic solutions aimed at helping clients make more sustainable investment decisions. Prior to working in the frontline, Michelle held senior leadership roles managing global strategic operational and change management programs and has had the benefit of working in multiple locations originating from the UK and working for a stint in Thailand before settling in Australia. Michelle is a passionate advocate for the role that business and markets should play in creating a sustainable future and is involved in numerous industry bodies supporting the growth and integration of sustainable practices across the financial community. Michelle regularly speaks at industry events and holds an Executive MBA in Sustainable Business. 

Rafael Ferreira

Chief Technology Officer

Meet the team

Andrei Cretu

Software Developer

Andrew Glass

Head of Partnerships

Andrew has enjoyed a diverse career in international commodities spanning more than 25 years, across four continents and in a variety of disciplines with both physical trading houses and financial institutions. An entrepreneur by nature, he is an acknowledged leader and business developer, creating sustainable value across agricultural, energy and mineral resource chains. He is a passionate advocate of leading positive evolution in commodity markets with transparency and accountability. He has won various industry awards (e.g. SGX Iron Ore Trader of the Year), appears regularly in the media, and is a sought-after public speaker and consultant. He devotes time as a director and mentor at WIMAR (Women in Mining and Resources) as an advocate of gender equality, inclusion and diversity in the sector. In 2017 he founded the consultancy Avatar Commodities, successfully designing and building commodity risk diagnostic tools, delivering significant positive change and value through commissions for a number of global multinational companies.

Aurélien Gillliouard

Senior Full Stack Developer

Aurélien has worked in Singapore and Paris as a Full-Stack Software engineer, and has led a team of software developers in the Hong Kong investment banking sector. He holds a masters in Software Engineering and has studied in France and the United States. He is an expert in developing a wide range of products such as Mobile applications, Web applications using many different technologies, designing complex software architectures, as well as leading teams of developers through the entirity of the development process.

Aurélien Gillliouard

Senior Full Stack Developer

Doerte Schliephake

Head of Data Operations

Doerte has 19 years of experience in the Financial Market Data space, combining a strong operational background with accomplished team leadership skills and change management expertise. She has extensive experience in product development in a Pricing and Analytics environment and feels passionate about enhancing
transparency and quality standardisation of carbon offsets in order to unlock the full potential of carbon credit markets. Doerte has a master’s degree in economics and is a CFA charterholder. She is based in London and currently studying for the Certificate of Quantitative Finance (CQF).

Filipe Assis Mourão

Quantitative Analyst

Filipe has 2 years of experience working as a data analyst in the Brazilian financial market and is passionate about using machine learning and quantitative modeling to solve challenging problems. He holds a B.S. in Mechatronic Engineering from the University of São Paulo, a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich, and a Certificate of Quantitative Finance.

Gentris Leci

Software Engineer

Gentris has over 5 years of experience in Software Engineering across different platforms and technologies. His skills range from designing scalable and high-performing backend applications to implementing modern and easy-to-use web and mobile apps. He is also experienced with Software Security related fields, like bug bounties and reverse engineering, and has extensive knowledge in IoT related projects. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and is currently studying for a master’s degree in Computer Engineering.

Graham Sahagian

Market Data Analyst

Gentris Leci

Software Engineer

Graham Sahagian

Market Data Analyst

Hrvoje Antunovic

DevOps Engineer

Jasminko Sofo

Data Engineer

Katie Cox

Operations Manager

Katie joins VAI with 20+ years of professional experience working with mid-sized to large companies, including 4 years of experience in developing and implementing complex operational procedures. Her expertise includes project management, information management, staff onboarding, development of Standard Operating Procedure’s, and Customer Relationship Management. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Communications/Public Relations.

Kavya Gangoor

Cloud and DevOps Engineer

Kavya is a graduate of REVA University, Bangalore with a BS in Computer Science and holds a certification in AWS Solutions Architecture. Her studies focused on Cloud Computing and Big Data. She has experience working in Cloud and DevOps, as well as DevSecOps for a Cybersecurity firm. Her expertise is DevOps (Infrastructure and Automation) and Cloud (GCP, AWS, and Azure).

Lucas Rotsen

DevOps Engineer

Lucas has 5 years of professional experience working with technology in the retail and financial sectors, both in large corporations and in startups. A Software Engineer by training, Lucas is also studying for a Master’s degree in Machine Learning at the State University of Campinas. His expertise is in Machine Learning Systems and Data Engineering.

Leonardo Ruza

Market Data Analyst

Lígia Cipriano

Climate and Sustainability Analyst

María Elisa Vollmer

Head of Project Data

Mariana Marins

Content Marketing Manager

Mariana has 9 years of experience in marketing across different markets and companies, both in the non-profit and private sectors. Her background includes marketing and GTM strategies, CX, inbound marketing, SEO, and content production.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications/Marketing, a MBA in Business Management and Design Thinking, and an Innovation Leadership Program Certificate from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Matthieu Taubmann

Product Designer (UX/UI)

Michael Moore

Data Scientist

Michael holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland and is currently pursuing his M.S. in Electrical Engineering. His expertise lies in signal processing and machine learning. He has previous experience in both natural language processing and computer vision.

Nagendher Doddapaneni

ReactJS Frontend Developer

Nagendher is a Full stack developer with 2+ years of Experience. His expertise is in ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Information Technology.

Patrick Shu

Corporate IT Lead, APAC

Poornima Dangra

Data Engineer

Poornima has 4 years of experience working as a Data Engineer. As a plumber of Data Science, she has expertise in Data modeling, ETL/ELT, building and managing data pipelines, automation, and database development. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

Richard Howard

Lead Data Engineer

Richard has broad-ranging experience working with data as a data engineer, data analyst, and data scientist across multiple industries, having delivered digital transformation, data warehousing, machine learning, and various bespoke analytics projects to both internal and external stakeholders from local businesses to Fortune 35 companies. He has a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Cognitive Science (of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence) from the University of Georgia.

Sarah Fluharty

Head of Commercial Operations

Sarah has been working as an operations professional for 8 years, with 4 years experience in the B2B ecommerce space. Her expertise includes customer experience, CRM management, sales pipeline automation, and people ops for fully remote teams. She holds a BS in Audio Engineering from the University of North Carolina Asheville.

Simone Rocha

Poject Analyst

Simone is a project analyst with a 12 year experience as bilingual executive assistant  having worked in companies from advertising, consulting firms, healthtech and airlines in Brazil, the US, Germany and Japan. She recently led projects resulting in a company’s  effective software licences cost reduction of more than 250K USD yearly, also managing the company individual profile which traced the single cost of 500 colleagues. Simone specialises in implementing operational and standard practices and processes, cost reduction and continuous improvement. She holds a Bachelor in Communications from The Fine Arts University in Sao Paulo and is a postgraduate in Project Management from FGV-EAESP. She will be studying to become a Professional Master in International Management in 2024.

Ubaldo Cabrera

Head of Sales, Americas

Ubaldo has over a decade of experience in enterprise sales within the financial markets and across multiple asset classes. Starting his career at Bloomberg and later working with the CME Group and other FinTech start-ups, Ubaldo helped create growth by expanding the product’s brand and user base, both in North and Latin America. His career in data and financial technology have been focused around one theme, removing opacity and bringing transparency to the financial markets. Viridios combines Ubaldo’s two passions, financial markets and sustainability

Waseem Malik

Application Developer

Waseem Malik

Application Developer

Zack Snyder

Data Scientist

Zack obtained his BS in mathematics and physics from Penn State University and his MS in physics from University of Colorado with a focus on high energy particle physics and phenomenology. He spent 5 years as a full-stack developer before pivoting towards AI, machine learning, and data science. A physicist by training, he brings advanced statistical and mathematical expertise to solve complex problems through the use of AI.

Zack Snyder

Data Scientist

Zack obtained his BS in mathematics and physics from Penn State University and his MS in physics from University of Colorado with a focus on high energy particle physics and phenomenology. He spent 5 years as a full-stack developer before pivoting towards AI, machine learning, and data science. A physicist by training, he brings advanced statistical and mathematical expertise to solve complex problems through the use of AI.