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ESG Investing: Time to Act


ESG Investing: Time to Act

VAI is a vital tool for some of the world’s leading asset managers providing them with the information they need to build, manage and grow their carbon market portfolios.

From access to detailed insights to guide carbon project selection to pricing data to help calculate asset values and conduct scenario analysis and stress testing, VAI is a key tool to help you engage with this emerging asset class.

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Use Cases

For ESG Investment
research and analytics

We offer deeper data to give you more confidence in your decision making. With more than five years of historical data on thousands of carbon projects across blue carbon, forestry, energy efficiency, and renewable energy and more, we offer real time pricing and data on hundreds of the most investible carbon projects you’ll have access to the richest data available.

For Portfolio

Providing the most up to date, verified and complete data available, investors are able to keep ESG portfolios aligned with investment objectives and ensure goals and client mandates are achieved.


Get data and accurate insights and pricing performance in order to determine end of day prices and price to market your ESG portfolio.