From Numbers to Knowledge Exploring VAI Analytics

In an innovative leap forward for carbon markets, Viridios AI has introduced its Analytics Module, a cutting-edge platform designed to bring unparalleled transparency and insight into the complexities of carbon trading. 


The recent webinar offered a comprehensive overview of this transformative tool, promising to reshape how market intelligence is gathered and utilized.


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VCM / Overview

VCM / Overview

In the ‘Overview’ dashboard, you will have access to various pieces of information about the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).


By default, the platform will show you data from the previous 24 months, including the number of projects in scope across different registries.


You will also be able to see the lowest and highest prices for all the vintages available on the platform, time series separated by vintage, and maps displaying project counts and prices by country, in addition to:


  • Average price by Segment and Standard
  • Time series by Region and Standard
  • Projects by Standard and Segment