Verra releases refined methodology for measuring carbon impact

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consolidated REDD+1 methodology, to be released by Verra in Q3 of 2023, will change the way the carbon market measures impact through new standard guidelines.


This updated methodology will evolve existing procedures that demand greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are quantified to ensure the integrity of conservation activity is maintained at the highest level.


Once released, the new REDD+ methodology will outline and strengthen a project’s role in mitigating climate change and reducing the loss of critical biodiversity. This will be completed through:


  • Allocated data activity which provides baseline data informed by the project area’s vulnerability.
  • Verification of crowdsourced data for deforestation risk so that appropriate inputs are provided to determine the risk of deforestation across the project’s jurisdiction.




Verra’s draft methodology will be available for public consultation in the coming months. Once finalized and published, the new REDD+ methodology is expected to be adopted within six months. It will then be valid for six years, with iterative checks throughout.


Projects using existing REDD+1 methodologies will be required to transition to the updated methodology when the data is available in their respective jurisdictions.


For more information on REDD+ project data and how you can search this using Viridios AI, please contact us at sales@viridios-ai


1 REDD stands for “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation.” The “+” signifies the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

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