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VAI ACCU data shows policy stability is having a significant impact on prices

  • VAI allows subscribers to compare ACCU project prices by type and methodology  
  • The ACCU data shows prices have reached $39, an 44% increase from their 12 month low of $27 in August last year
  • ACCUs that meet the savanna fire burning methodology with Indigenous co-benefits are trading up around $50, approximately 30% above a generic ACCU
  • ACCU market reforms set to come into force on 1 July 

– Viridios Group’s carbon credit data and information platform, VAI, has started displaying Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) pricing data for hundreds of the country’s most popular carbon projects in a bid to improve transparency in the market. 


The publication of the ACCU data comes ahead of the implementation of the ACCU and Safeguard Mechanism reforms which will come into force on 1 July this year. The reforms are seen as vital for Australia to rein in emissions from the 215 biggest emitters as it seeks to achieve its 2030 climate targets.      


“The VAI data shows that the market reforms, which passed the Senate at the end of March, are already having a significant impact on carbon credit prices. It seems clear that policy certainty is driving sentiment,” says Viridios Group CEO Eddie Listorti. 


VAI’s ACCU pricing data shows that following the Senate’s decision to pass the Safeguard Mechanism reforms, ACCU prices have reached $39, an 44% increase from their 12 month low of $27 in August last year when the Chubb Review consultation process started.


“It’s clear the reforms are having a significant impact on the way the market views this unique yet critical asset class,” Listorti says.  


“Unlike a standardised commodity like gold or lithium, carbon credits such as ACCUs vary widely with their price often determined by the methodology they are developed under and the co-benefits they deliver. “We can see this clearly on VAI which shows that ACCUs generated under the savanna fire burning methodology with Indigenous co-benefits are trading up around $50, approximately 30% above a generic ACCU,” says Listorti. 


The VAI Markets (Australia) module allows subscribers to see latest available pricing and historical data on ACCU projects across a range of methodologies including: 

  • Agriculture (Animal Effluent Management) 
  • Energy Efficiency (Domestic, Commercial) 
  • Energy Efficiency (Industrial) 
  • Forestry, Reforestation and Afforestation, Human-Induced Regeneration (with/without Indigenous Co-Benefits) 
  • Savanna Fire Management (with/without Indigenous Co-benefits) 
  • Waste Management (Landfill Gas) and more

According to Viridios AI CEO Marcelo Labre: “Whether it’s detailed information on voluntary carbon credits, ACCUs and other compliance market credits, being able to search and compare carbon projects has never been more critical as the world seeks to decarbonise.”


“If you’re a banker, asset manager, broker, trader or managing the compliance requirements for one of the 215 Safeguard Mechanism entities in Australia, VAI allows you to value your carbon credit portfolio and access the information you need to make more informed investment decisions,” Labre says.  


VAI now has four core modules: 

  • Prices: Live pricing data from a network of inter-dealer brokers
  • Valuation: Uses multiple data sources to help determine fair value 
  • Projects: Detailed information on more than 16,600 voluntary carbon projects.   
  • Markets: Pricing data on voluntary credits types and compliance market carbon projects such as ACCUs       

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Viridios Group CEO Eddie Listorti and Viridios AI CEO Marcelo Labre are available for interview.

Contact: Tom Godfrey | | +61 (0)419 313 101


Viridios AI (, a Viridios Group company, is committed to improving the value discovery around carbon projects to allow capital to flow more freely into the complex carbon markets as the world seeks to meet its climate and net-zero targets. Its mission is to bring robust valuation methodology and instruments found in all other commodity markets, to this critical asset class and to help clients future-proof their carbon offset strategies. The VAI platform provides access to market-leading modules, Prices, Valuation, Projects and Markets, providing subscribers with a full suite of carbon market intelligence on a single dashboard. 

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