Platts Launches Blue Carbon CARBEX powered by Viridios AI

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2 JULY 2022, NEW YORK: As global interest in the voluntary carbon market continues to grow, Platts, part of S&P Global Commodity Insights, has launched a new Blue Carbon CARBEX powered by Viridios AI.

The new Blue Carbon CARBEX, which reflects the value of voluntary carbon credits from Blue Carbon projects, will sit alongside the six existing Platts-Viridios CARBEX indices.

“Blue carbon, or carbon captured by the world’s ocean and coastal ecosystems, is a vital component of the voluntary carbon market and will be critical in helping the world achieve its ‘net zero’ commitments.” – Eddie Listorti, Viridios Group CEO

The importance of Blue Carbon ecosystems was highlighted at COP26 last year with the High-Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy stating that increasing protection for blue carbon ecosystems would prevent over a billion tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere by 2050.

According to Viridios AI’s CEO Marcelo Labre:

“This new CARBEX is another significant step forward in helping to improve pricing transparency in voluntary carbon credit and co-benefit markets and will be a vital tool for all market participants.”

As market participants work to meet their ‘net zero’ goals, co-benefits, which are terms attached to carbon credits that provide evidence of meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are becoming critically important.

The new Blue Carbon CARBEX would reflect projects that focus on preservation and improvements to coastal and marine ecosystems that act as important carbon sinks around the world.

The index includes activities that preserve and/or restore coastal and marine ecosystems including mangroves, seagrass meadows, and tidal marshes, and include the following SDGs: Climate Action (13) and Life Below Water (14). The Blue Carbon CARBEX is standard-neutral, global and reflects current year vintage and delivery.

“Our data was first used by Platts to publish the CARBEX indices in August last year and this latest CARBEX is another great addition, which will provide much needed Blue Carbon pricing and valuations,” Labre says.

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 ( provides best in class technology to facilitate transparency in carbon market trading to create a value gateway for market participants. Its mission is to bring robust valuation methodology and instruments found in all other commodity markets, to this critical asset class and to help clients future-proof their carbon offset strategies. S&P Platts, along with Viridios AI began publishing a series of six carbon credit indices in August 2021 called the Platts CARBEX Carbon Credit Indices (powered by Viridios AI). The AI-powered indices are designed to enhance transparency into voluntary carbon credits and co-benefits. The VAI platform provides access to Viridios AI’s market-leading modules, Valuation Risk Engine (VRE) and PRICES, providing subscribers with a full suite of carbon market intelligence on a single dashboard.

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