Viridios AI Joins IETA

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LONDON  Viridios AI (“VAI”) has become a member of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), the leading non-profit business association working to establish a functioning carbon market.

“We are delighted to be joining IETA at this important stage in the carbon market’s development. As the world continues its push towards net-zero, it’s vital we have transparent, effective and high integrity systems in place to ensure we meet our climate targets,” says Viridios Founding Partner and Group CEO, Eddie Listorti. 

IETA members include standards and registries, industry, consultants, energy and power providers, law firms and financial institutions and carbon brokers and traders. Along with technology providers such as Viridios AI. 

According to Viridios AI’s CEO Marcelo Labre: “Our membership of IETA is another step on our journey to helping improve transparency around carbon credit pricing, valuation and project data in the voluntary carbon market.” 

Viridios AI’s IETA membership comes after the company took out Best Market Innovation in this year’s Environmental Finance Voluntary Carbon Market Rankings. 

“We’re thrilled to have been recognised by the market for the innovative approach we have taken to improving access to high quality carbon market data. We now have detailed information on more than 6,800 carbon credit projects with hundreds displaying end of day prices and fair valuations,” Labre says.    

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    Viridios AI CEO Marcelo Labre is available for interviews.

    Contact: Tom Godfrey | +61 (0)477 486 095 |

    Viridios AI (, a Viridios Group company, is committed to improving the value discovery around carbon projects to allow capital to flow more freely into the complex carbon markets as the world seeks to meet its climate and net-zero targets. Its mission is to bring robust valuation methodology and instruments found in all other commodity markets, to this critical asset class and to help clients future-proof their carbon offset strategies. The VAI platform provides access to Viridios AI’s market-leading modules, Valuation Risk Engine (VRE) and PRICES, providing subscribers with a full suite of carbon market intelligence on a single dashboard. 

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