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Why clients use VAI Solutions And Insights?

Leverage our comprehensive datasets (pricing, project data, supply & demand, news data).

Utilise our deep domain expertise in carbon markets, financial engineering and AI.

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are inherent in our culture.

Benefit from our ability to deliver at scale yet maintain a personalised approach.

We can partner with you to meet challenging timeframes.

Empowering carbon leaders with tailored solutions

VAI consulting services

We’ve provided comprehensive support to a diverse array of clients worldwide, spanning global corporations, financial institutions, fund managers, project developers, trading houses, governmental bodies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Please find below a couple of projects that we successfully delivered.


Viridios AI is a Data and Technology business surfacing Data, insights and analytics data across the Voluntary Carbon Markets, via our Viridios AI platform and data feeds.


Alongside the platform and data solution Viridios AI also has a global team of experts ready to support your carbon market engagement aspirations. The team offer solutions and insights for bespoke projects, analysis and assessment requirements to support our clients with their own, or their clients, decarbonisation journeys. 

Take a look at some of our recent projects

Implementation of a bespoke reputational risk solution

Consulting Services VAI

The prominence of reputational risk in the global carbon credit markets has increased significantly. We’ve developed a solution capable of scanning real-time carbon-related news articles, conducting sentiment analysis, and pinpointing potential issues that may pose reputational risks using state of the art AI technology (Large Language Model).


These issues could pertain to a corporation, such as allegations of greenwashing or misreporting carbon emissions, a carbon crediting program, such as concerns regarding the quality of MRV processes, or directly to a carbon project, such as challenges with revenue sharing or overcrediting. With this solution, our client successfully expanded their carbon credits business while effectively managing associated reputational risks.

Construction of forward curves for biochar carbon credits

Consulting Services viridios ai

Development of a methodology that aimed at constructing biochar forward curves, a vital resource for mitigating price fluctuations within the market.


This methodology involved a comprehensive approach encompassing data collection, meticulous data cleansing, thorough data aggregation, and methodological refinement to ensure the production of precise and dependable forward curves.This methodology facilitated our client in making pivotal investment decisions with implications spanning long time horizon. 

Data collection from carbon

Consulting Services Viridios AI.

Collecting structured and unstructured data for a wide universe of carbon projects across various carbon registries, encompassing project identifiers, projected issuances, methodologies, versions, and allowable tools. Leveraging our proficiency in carbon markets, including in-depth understanding of methodologies and tools, as well as extensive knowledge of data warehousing practices across registries.


Additionally, utilizing artificial intelligence, particularly Large Language Models, to extract data from documents exceeding 100 pages. This dataset has empowered a market enabler to develop a thorough map of the voluntary carbon market.


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