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Voluntary Carbon Market

Whether a buyer, broker, marketplace, exchange, investor or project developer, the VAI platform helps you see the Voluntary Carbon Market as a whole. Users can discover, assess, and compare prices and projects in one place.

End of Day Prices

Read project specific analysis that informs our rating, based on our analytical framework for six risk factors.

Detailed Project Information

Access detailed project information on thousands of carbon credit projects including sustainable development goals, geography and vintage pricing platformy.

Bid Ask Valuations

Simulate prices of carbon credits for any registry, project activity, country and co-benefits.

VAI Solutions


With a few simple clicks, access data, accurate insights and pricing performance in order to determine end-of-day prices and price to market your carbon credits.

Our pricing module called, Prices, displays end of day prices, or pricing, for the carbon credits you’re interested in.

We offer real-time pricing and historical data on hundreds of the most investable carbon projects across blue carbon, forestry, energy efficiency, renewable energy and more.

Features include:


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To help you determine which carbon projects best align with your organisation’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, Viridios AI (VAI) provides you with access to data on thousands of carbon projects. From blue carbon and forestry to energy efficiency and renewable energy, VAI can help you validate whether a carbon project meets your ESG targets and aligns with your net-zero commitments.


The Valuation module uses Viridios AI’s highly effective artificial intelligence models, trained on unique and comprehensive datasets of over-the-counter (OTC) market transactions against benchmarks such as carbon credits instruments, energy markets, compliance carbon markets and other systemic economic factors. The models ‘learn’ all inherent complexities and variations of carbon projects, including their respective contributions to SDGs.
The valuation module shows the calculated bid and ask prices for the specified attributes in a number of different scenarios, to make it easy to use.


VAI powers the Platts-Viridios CARBEX on S&P Global commodity insights.
The six ‘CARBEX’ carbon credit indices reflect the value of different types of voluntary carbon credits and enhance market transparency in the complex voluntary carbon credit and co-benefit markets.


Access compliance market data, insights and pricing performance in order to determine end-of-day prices and price to market your carbon credits.

Our Markets module displays observed and estimated prices for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) with other compliance market pricing coming soon.

Markets now offers the latest available pricing and historical data on hundreds of ACCU carbon projects across a range of methodologies including: Agriculture (Animal Effluent Management), Energy Efficiency (Domestic, Commercial), Energy Efficiency (Industrial), Forestry, Reforestation and Afforestation, Human-Induced Regeneration (with/without Indigenous Co-Benefits), Savanna Fire Management (with/without Indigenous Co-benefits), Waste Management (Landfill Gas) and more.

Features include:


Stay across the latest carbon market developments with the VAI News module.
Available to all users who have completed a free trial, VAI News is a single source of carbon market news from a range of media outlets.


Features include:


Market Data

Providing carbon market data to meet the net-zero challenges.
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