Carbonplace and Viridios AI sign data sharing agreement

LONDON. 7 November 2023 – Viridios AI (VAI), a leading provider of carbon credit pricing, data and analytics and Carbonplace, a global carbon credit transaction network, have announced a data sharing agreement to help improve transparency of VCM pricing and transaction data.   Under the agreement, the organisations will work together to enable their customers to access […]

How the Voluntary Carbon Market is Paving the Way to Address Climate Change


In a world grappling with the urgent need to combat climate change, the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) has emerged as a powerful tool for unlocking the potential to address climate change.    As governments and businesses alike seek innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this market offers a unique opportunity to invest in projects […]

What is driving Australia’s carbon price?

Australia’s carbon price

It has been a turbulent year for Australia’s carbon market with two government reviews, changes to compliance regulations under the Safeguard Mechanism and intense scrutiny of a number of Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) methodologies resulting in a bumpy ride for investors.     Over the past 12 months, VAI data shows the generic Australian Carbon […]